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WheelPad makes Personal Accessible Dwellings (PADs) that can rapidly make any property a safe and cozy universally accessible place. We aim to help people have more housing choice: whether they are seeking to stay in their home as they age, recover after an accident, or quickly add more square footage for a growing and changing family.

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Julie Lineberger - Founder & President

Julie Lineberger, EdM Harvard, is a successful entrepreneur, and President of WheelPad L3C. Her past success with LineSync Architecture, a green and sustainable firm in southern Vermont, garnered numerous awards for both Design and Business Management. A previous career in International Development included managing and participating in projects for the United Nations Development Program, the International Rescue Committee, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees throughout the world.

As the current chair of Green America Board of Directors and past chair of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility Board of Directors, Julie has led many workshops and is a consultant on various aspects of business management. She is also involved in various community efforts and in maintaining positive, healthy work environments both at LineSync Architecture and at WheelPad L3C.


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