Welcoming the Fall 2022 Graduates to the AgeTech Collaborative™!

By Mark Ogilbee posted 12-08-2022 05:49 PM


We are delighted to announce the newest cohort of startups to the AgeTech Collaborative™. These nine disruptive startups include Amicus Brain, Dentity, Labrador, Livindi, Prisidio, Rose Health, Springrose, Vivo and Wheelpad. Each of these companies recently completed AARP Innovation Labs’ accelerator program, where they received hands-on mentorship and gained access to a community of like-minded AgeTech founders.   

On behalf of the entire AARP Innovation Labs team — welcome to the AgeTech Collaborative™! 

Amicus Brain's easy-to-use digital advisor apps harness data and AI to make dementia care management easier, increase self-efficacy, and enable and sustain aging at home. 

Dentity is a free service that verifies the identity of the people you interact and transact with online and protects your information with a new level of privacy and security. 

 Labrador is developing a new generation of practical assistive robots that physically help individuals maintain their independence, extend the impact of caregivers where needed, and act as a force multiplier for digital health and connected applications.

Livindi provides seniors and their family, caregivers and providers an easy-to-install kit that gives them video communication features, activity monitoring sensors, biometric sensors and AI notifications of issues, as well as a live concierge who can assist with their daily needs. 

Prisidio enables everyone, especially those who are 50-plus, to centrally and securely store, organize and share their most important content, allowing them to be prepared for whatever the future may bring — expected or unexpected. 

Rose Health is a digital mental health platform that leverages deep tech and deep science for the early detection of anxiety, depression and mood disorders. 

Springrose designs adaptive intimate apparel that improves quality of life for women with limited mobility due to injury, illness or disability. 

Vivo is an online, live and interactive small-group personal training program for adults 55-plus with a focus on increasing strength and function with proven outcomes. 

Wheelpad builds fully ADA-accessible living units that readily attach to existing homes to ensure older adults and those with disabilities can continue living safely in the homes they love with their families.