Welcoming the Summer 2022 Graduates to the AgeTech Collaborative™!

By Mark Ogilbee posted 09-01-2022 10:21 AM


We are delighted to announce the newest cohort of startups to the AgeTech Collaborative™. These nine disruptive startups include 6degrees, Careteam Technologies, Chatables, GaitBetter, iGuard, Imago Rehab, Manifest, RAZ Mobility and Reclaim. These startups recently completed AARP Innovation Labs’ accelerator program, where they received hands-on mentorship and gained access to a community of like-minded AgeTech founders.  

On behalf of the entire AARP Innovation Labs team — welcome to the AgeTech Collaborative™!

6degrees is an AI-powered wearable device that revolutionizes tele-rehabilitation and enables full autonomy for people with disabilities. 

Careteam Technologies is an integrated care platform that enables cross-organization collaboration, proactive care through care pathways, large-scale remote monitoring and patient/caregiver engagement. 

Chatables creates virtual characters to engage isolated older adults in conversation and interactive skits to reduce feelings of loneliness, exercise the social and emotional brain, and potentially slow the onset of mental decline. 

GaitBetter promotes healthy aging by adding a virtual reality experience to common treadmills, enabling effective, personalized and low-cost motor-cognitive training. 

iGuard Home Solutions provides seniors aging in place with a cost-efficient solution to prevent kitchen fires before they can start. The iGuardStove® uses a patented activity sensor and auto shut-off solution to give adult children peace of mind while protecting their loved one's privacy.  

Imago Rehab is developing a robot-assisted virtual clinic for stroke recovery, offering telehealth sessions supplemented by a robotic glove that facilitates daily, high-repetition hand rehab from the comforts of home. 

Manifest is a modern and easy way to consolidate retirement accounts. 

RAZ Mobility offers mobile assistive technology and services to people with disabilities, including the RAZ Memory Cell Phone for seniors with cognitive decline. 

Reclaim is an AI-powered health insurance agency that is revolutionizing how people buy health insurance, manage their healthcare bills and optimize their coverage throughout the year.