Primetime Partners Founder Alan Patricof Featured in the Wall Street Journal

By Mark Ogilbee posted 05-26-2022 05:31 PM


Alan Patricof of Primetime Partners

Alan Patricof, founder of Primetime Partners (a participant in the AgeTech Collaborative™), is the subject of a recent profile in the Wall Street Journal. The article outlines Patricof’s long career in business and investing, as well as his philosophy on aging: “I don’t know how to sit and do nothing,” he says, and offers his views on living a vibrant life, whatever your age: “There are possibilities in every time of life.” 

The intersection of his extensive business experience and his interest in aging motivated Patricof to found Primetime Partners, an early-stage venture capital fund focused on innovative companies working to transform the quality of living for older adults. “Listen, [people who are 60-plus] are the fastest growing part of the population, so we’ve got to figure out how to keep these people active, motivated, interested and entertained,” he observes. 

Primetime Partners’ mission has made them a natural fit for working with the AgeTech Collaborative™ from the beginning. Abby Levy, managing partner at Primetime Partners, reflects on the work and the opportunities ahead:

"The AgeTech Collaborative™ has created a powerful community at scale of entrepreneurs, investors and champions of innovation in longevity and aging. Only together can we address the significant opportunities facing older adults of health, wealth and self. We are proud to be a founding collaborator of the AgeTech Collaborative.™"

If you’re interested in reading more about Patricof and his work, you can find a link to the Wall Street Journal article at Levy’s LinkedIn page, and about Primetime Partners here. 

Abby Levy and Alan Patricof of Primetime Partners