Discover Cutting-Edge Innovations from the AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP® at ViVE

By David Lange posted 02-22-2024 01:56 PM


In under a week, thousands of people will head to Los Angeles for ViVE: the premier digital health conference focused on the business of healthcare. The AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP® will be there en force with innovative startups and exciting events. Check out our signature pitch event and the list of the startups we’re bringing along to the show below:


“Making Aging Easier” Pitch Competition

Startups exhibiting at ViVE with novel solutions for longevity taking center stage in our signature pitch event of the show. The winner will be eligible to win a $10K cash prize. Startups selected to pitch may be invited to join the AgeTech Collaborative accelerator program, where they can expect hands-on mentorship by a team with years of experience building and creating solutions for the 50+ audience.


Startups in the AgeTech Collaborative Booth

Aidar Health, Inc.

In medicine, precision is everything. Aidar Health is dedicated to putting precision medical tools in the hands of clinicians and patients. They’ve developed clinically validated software and breath- and saliva-based biosensors, including a mobile application for patients and the MouthLab™ medical device, to deliver evidence-based digital therapeutic interventions for various chronic conditions.

Concha Labs

Globally, about 1.5 billion people suffer from hearing loss. Concha Labs is on a mission to improve hearing aids using AI-informed personalization technology without the need for a trip to the audiologist. Their platform can customize any hearing device for personalized, affordable, and accessible hearing for a fraction of the cost of conventional solutions.

FallCall Solutions

Falling at home alone can be a frightening prospect for older adults. Thankfully, FallCall Solutions has developed mobile applications and reliable devices to help Elders live independent, active lifestyles. Created by physicians, FallCall’s advanced technology is “smart, simple, and safe,” so older adults are more apt to use them.

Imago Rehab

The over five million Americans with hand impairments due to chronic stroke deserve better than conventional, sometimes ineffective therapy. Imago Health is coupling telehealth occupational therapy with a revolutionary robotic glove to deliver effective solutions for increased hand function. Patients are guided through high-intensity, high-repetition rehab, leading to functional and lasting changes.


43% of women will face sexual health concerns at some point in their lives. While it can be an alienating and challenging experience to go through, women don’t have to do it alone: Rosy is a doctor-recommended mobile application that connects patients and healthcare providers through awareness, education, community, and coaching.  By offering personalized wellness plans, anonymous live virtual events that connect users with each other and sex experts, and a library of curated erotica, it’s no wonder that over 200,000 women trust Rosy to support their sexual health journeys.

Stel Life

In our technology-laden lives, it can be hard to make sure all our devices are properly connected, particularly with regards to healthcare. Stel Life links the con-stel-lation of health devices so that they can all connect seamlessly to health records without complex setup. Whether in a hospital, long-term care facility, or at home, Stel Life ensures all your health devices can do their jobs without any headaches.


Keeping track of an older adult’s care needs can be a hassle, especially when it comes to coordinating across multiple caregivers. Talli makes it easy with their affordable and easy-to-use mobile application and event logging device. Available for infant care as well, their platform makes it simple to capture and share all the information caregivers need to collaborate and stay ahead of any issues.

Together by Renee

Keeping track of all your healthcare-related tasks or those of a dependent can be cumbersome at best and overwhelming at worst. Together by Renee simplifies your health to-dos through the power of AI all from your smartphone. From ordering prescriptions and making doctor appointments to taking vitals with a selfie—and even detecting depression and anxiety symptoms with your voice—the Together app’s groundbreaking technology will change the way you manage care.

Xandar Kardian

Every second your body is generating macro and micro-vibration frequencies which contain a treasure trove of data about your health. Xandar Kardian utilizes impulse UWB radar to collect these frequencies which can tell healthcare professionals about motion, respiratory, and circulatory health. The technology is continuous, automatic, and contact-free, allowing for discreet and accurate monitoring in the home environment.


People living with dementia can face difficulty keeping occupied throughout the day, calming down, and accomplishing daily tasks. Zinna is a non-pharmacological solution in the form of therapeutic video tools for a better dementia care experience. Zinnia videos can reduce feelings of isolation and create meaningful connection, uplift mood and reduce anxiety, and even support the patient’s daily activities. This gives the caregiver respite and peace of mind that their loved one is occupied and engaged.


Startups in the ViVE Hosted Buyer Program

ViVE’s Hosted Buyer Program is a curated matchmaking program of health buyers and solution providers to facilitate highly efficient connections for real business interactions, creating the highest-value return in 15-minute, one-on-one meetings. These are the AgeTech Collaborative™ startups who will be participating:

·      Candoo Tech provides tech support and training designed for older adults to help them become digitally literate to stay safe, independent and connected.

·      Embr Labs offers wearable thermal technology which delivers thermal haptic experiences (heating and cooling) at the touch of a button

·      Flowly addresses the bio-psycho-social aspects of the pain and anxiety experience through the power of VR and biofeedback therapy.

·      Hank provides an affordable alternative to independent living homes through a software platform that brings the benefits of living in a retirement home into an aging loved one’s home.

·      Mighty Health is the first digital exercise, nutrition, and wellness platform designed specifically for older adults.

·      Neurotrack develops digital cognitive assessments to identify impairment during annual wellness visits and track cognition over time.

·      Ompractice offers over 100 classes a week of yoga, meditation, strength, pilates, barre, tai chi and more for both government and private sector distributed teams.

·      Perry is platform preserving a safe space to connect, support and learn during the menopause transition.