CES 2022 Activation Preview

By Ariel Cadby-Spicer posted 12-16-2021 03:23 PM


Edit 1/31/21: Due to the uncertainty of the Omicron variant, the AARP Innovation Labs will have a digital activation at CES and will not be attending the show in person. 

At the AARP Innovation Labs, our mission is to discover, support and scale ideas and companies that help empower millions of people to choose how they live as they age. 

At CES 2022 we will bring these stories, products and mission to life via our activations at the Sands Expo Center (booth #53521) and in Eureka Park (booth #61714). We will be exhibiting a wide selection of our portfolio startups and their solutions, hosting a pitch competition in Eureka Park to source disruptive AgeTech startups, as well as moderating various sessions with AgeTech Collaborative™ participants on the stage in our booth. 

We will also be hosting two sessions with participants of the Collaborative on the AARP Innovation Labs stage in the Sands Expo Center - see details below in case you’re planning to attend CES. 

Creating a home for the AgeTech Ecosystem (Wednesday, January 5th from 5-5:30pm PT)

Join us for this special session that will introduce the “why” behind the launch of the AgeTech Collaborative™ as well as three of our inaugural participants. In this session, Sheri Rose from Thrive Center Inc. and Moshe Bellows from Maccabee Ventures will discuss how they play in the AgeTech space and why it is necessary to focus on solutions that help people choose how they live as they age. 

The Importance of Mobility for All Ages (Friday, January 7th from 10-10:30am PT)

Tafflyn Toy from Hyundai Cradle will spend some time with the AARP Innovation Labs discussing the future of mobility and its importance to the 50+ population. She will also shed some light on the approach Hyundai Cradle is taking to create accessible mobility solutions.  

For more information on our presence at CES, please visit our website.

To get to know another startup in the AARP Innovation Labs portfolio exhibiting at CES in their own activation, check out Xandar Kardian.

If you will be at CES and have not been in contact with us yet, let us know. 

We look forward to seeing you there!