Spotlight on Ōmcare

By Rick Robinson posted 12-02-2021 11:32 AM

Lisa Lavin of Ōmcare

Telehealth has been around for a minute, but the past year and a half of Covid has accelerated its growth and acceptance as both an alternative to in-person care and additive, solving problems or tasks that frankly make more sense for technology to handle. That's surely the space Ōmcare inhabits with it infrastructure.

Lisa Lavin (CEO) Ōmcare

“Problem” your company solves

Ōmcare is a digital health company pioneering a customizable, home health platform that allows healthcare organizations to extend care into the home via a secure telehealth infrastructure and integration with our patented medication dispensing technology.  

Ōmcare allows healthcare organizations to rapidly deploy a home care strategy while simultaneously customizing the provider and patient experience to fit their brand.The product’s open architecture also allows for the integration of provider and consumer tools aimed at: 

  • Addressing the increasingly complex care needs of the Over 65 and dual populations. 
  • Delivering a platform that allows for a tailored (branded) customization of current chronic and acute solutions 
  • Extending caregiver reach and efficiency  
  • Achieving 100% medication adherence 

Talk a bit about your path to entrepreneurship. Were you hustling lemonade in the neighborhood in elementary school or did your passion follow an intellectual interest? 

We all have those extra special people that impact us deeply at some point in our life. For founder Lisa Lavin, this special person was her Grandmother, Mildred. Mildred was Lisa’s primary caregiver during a difficult period in her childhood. Lisa and her Grandmother were very close. As Mildred aged, she developed dementia and was eventually placed in a nursing home, because there was no other way to help Mildred maintain her independence. Mildred languished in this environment, living out the rest of her days with very little connection to the outside world. 

Through this experience, Lisa became impassioned not only for her grandmother, but for all aging adults. Lisa vowed that she would do everything she could to promote the independence and dignity for the aging. “This generation deserves much more than a nursing home”, says Lisa. “They deserve connectedness, love and a full, healthy, liberated life.”  

If your company had a “Why we exist” statement what would it be? 

To change the way the world cares® 


Was Ōmcare a result of a key insight from you or a cofounder or did it come from a lot of trial and error? 

 Lisa got the idea for Ōmcare through the development of a similar “remote care, remote dispense” product she developed for a different consumer market.  

If you could start this company again what would you go back and tell yourself not to do and what would you recommend doing more of? 

  • Tell myself:  Be gentle with yourself. It’s only business.   
  • Do more: Periodically disconnect from the business. Recharge more. 


A favorite book and band, with one sentence why… 

  • Book: The Art of Racing in the Rain  
  • Band: P!nk 

Both speak to the meaning of life. 


To me / our company, aging is ________ 

To be honored and cherished. 


What’s one thing you hope the AgeTech Collaborative will help you achieve? 

Continue to make the connections that elevate our positive impact on aging.  


Predictions: Looking out 10 years what do you think might be a common experience or behavior or accepted product / practice that people are fearful or skeptical of today? 
Ten years from now, we believe technology will enable peace, connection and liberation.