Four AgeTech Collaborative™ Startups Selected for MeHI’s Healthy Aging Sandbox Challenge

By Mark Ogilbee posted 05-18-2023 09:19 AM


The Massachusetts Digital Health Sandbox Network, administered by the Massachusetts eHealth Institute (MeHI), an AgeTech Collaborative™ (ATC) testbed, has announced eight finalists for its Healthy Aging Sandbox Challenge. We at the Collaborative are thrilled to note that four of the finalists are ATC startup participants:

     •  Artifcts  

     •  MiiCare 

     •  Ompractice 

     •  Onward 

We also congratulate the Challenge’s additional finalists: Enabled Health, Moneta Health, REEV and SecureSeniorConnections. 

The Challenge is designed to find digital health solutions that can help older adults live as well and independently as possible by supporting their physical, mental and social health. The finalists will participate in a two-month virtual introduction to the Massachusetts Digital Health Ecosystem, which includes a speaker series featuring thought leaders in the venture capital, innovation and research spaces.  

During the program, participants will also be assessed on their testing and validation needs, then matched with members of the Sandbox Network, a group of cutting-edge research and development organizations supporting digital health companies. Participants will work with their Sandbox partners to scope detailed testing and validation projects. 

All participants will have the opportunity to:   

     •  Connect with key partners in the Massachusetts Digital Health Ecosystem; 

     •  Accelerate the time from R&D to production; 

     •  Work with experts to assess testing needs and scope detailed validation projects; 

     •  Be prepared for investor meetings; and 

     •  Pitch in front of expert judges. 

On June 28th, the finalists will attend the Healthy Aging Challenge Final Pitch Event and pitch for the chance to win one of four $50,000 awards to fund concrete research and development projects with their Sandbox partner. These awards are to cover the fees at the Sandbox facility. The final event will be held in person at The Engine in Cambridge, Massachusetts. You can find more detailed information at MeHI’s website, and register to attend the final event here.  

MeHI is grateful for the AgeTech Collaborative’s support in promoting the Healthy Aging Sandbox Challenge,” says Katie Green, senior program manager for innovation at MeHI. “As a member of the Collaborative, we were able to reach a broad audience of startups and innovators, and we had an incredible response to our call for applications. We are excited to support the eight startups selected for the program and to connect them to the testbeds in MeHI’s Sandbox Network.” 

The ATC startup finalists are also excited about the opportunities the Challenge represents. Ellen Goodwin, co-founder of Artifcts, looks forward to how the MeHI Challenge will help accelerate the company’s expansion. “The MeHI Challenge is all about doing, and doing on a very short timeline,” says Goodwin. Artifcts can capture your stories, help you connect with others, and bolster your estate planning and insurance — but it could also become a digital screening tool for Alzheimer's and other dementias. Far too many people wait far too long to get to a diagnosis and the hope of effective treatment. Mass Digital will accelerate Artifcts' pathway to support innovation in this critical area.” 


You can learn more about the Healthy Aging Sandbox Challenge here. 


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Great to see cohort alignment aimed at aging!