HLTH 2022: Envisioning Solutions for Healthcare’s Most Pressing Problems

By Mark Ogilbee posted 10-13-2022 09:27 AM


Launched just five years ago, HLTH is becoming the leading platform in the health innovation space, with startups, investment firms, employers, government agencies and others heading to Las Vegas for the November 13–16 shebang. And we’re going! 

The mission of HLTH 2022 aligns closely with that of the AgeTech Collaborative™, which is to drive innovation at the nexus of longevity and technology. The Collaborative will share its presence at HLTH with a number of portfolio companies, who will be showcasing their innovative solutions.

Amelia Hay, VP, Startup Programming for the AgeTech Collaborative™, notes that attending the conference helps both startups and the AgeTech space as a whole: “At HLTH 2022, the AgeTech Collaborative has the ability to showcase some of our HealthTech startups to industry influencers and leaders, while at the same time, it allows the Collaborative to make meaningful connections to grow our AgeTech ecosystem.” 

Here are the AgeTech Collaborative™ startup participants attending HLTH 2022: 


  • NexStride (De Oro Devices) uses research-backed sensory cues to help people with mobility disorders walk and prevent falls with improved step symmetry, step length and overall safety and mobility.

  • Aidar Health designs and develops clinically validated software and breath- and saliva-based biosensors to deliver evidence-based digital interventions for various diseases in therapeutic areas such as respiratory, cardiovascular and oncology.

  • Reclaim is an AI-powered health insurance agency and tech-enabled patient financial advocacy platform that is redefining how individuals buy health insurance, optimize their coverage throughout the year (including transitioning to Medicare), and save on healthcare bills.

  • Xandar Kardian is a group of world-class engineers and professionals led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and former C-level executives from various Fortune 500 companies, all working toward creating a more sustainable world occupied by healthier people benefiting from radar technology.

  • Mighty Health is a daily health and lifestyle change app for adults 50-plus. Its 250 joint-friendly exercises, personalized nutrition plans, healthy aging lessons and dedicated expert coaches help members lose an average of 15 pounds, triple their activity levels and prevent chronic diseases in just three months.

  • NonnaTech is a nationally recognized industry leader delivering innovative in-home and long term care-based remote health monitoring and analytics solutions and services.

  • 6degrees offers a wearable that enables people with dexterity loss to gain independence via touch-free control of smart devices by translating motion into commands such as swipe, zoom and point. 

  • Sana Health’s flagship device uses audiovisual stimulation to increase the balance between the left and right sides of your brain, guiding you into deep relaxation. Ongoing use of the Sana device resembles the effect of long-term meditative practices, clearing a busy mind. 

  • Renee is a groundbreaking AI-based personal health assistant that improves health outcomes by helping aging Americans complete cumbersome healthcare tasks, such as scheduling doctors' appointments, taking medications, tracking vitals and more.

  • MyFloc is an expense management and payment solution that is purpose-built to empower older adults and families, taking the financial friction out of caregiving.

  • CareTeam Technologies is a next-generation patient engagement and care collaboration platform, enabling patient success and ensuring health care teams, patients and families are on the same page. 

It’s not too late to register for HLTH 2022! Can’t make it in person? HLTH 2022 also offers an option to attend virtually.