AARP Innovation Labs Welcomes the Winter 2022 Graduates to the AgeTech Collaborative™!

By Mark Ogilbee posted 04-21-2022 09:18 AM


AARP Innovation Labs Welcomes the Winter 2022 Graduates to the AgeTech Collaborative™! 

We are pleased to welcome the newest cohort of startups to the AgeTech Collaborative™.  These seven disruptive solutions include Artifcts, Bequall, Care.Coach, Casana, Flowy, Gameboard, and Satellite Displays. Throughout the past eight weeks, these seven startups received resources and mentorship from their AARP Innovation Labs Portfolio Manager to help refine their solutions and accelerate their innovations.   

On behalf of the entire AARP Innovation Labs Team — Welcome to the AgeTech Collaborative™!

makes it simpler for you to capture and preserve the history, memories and stories behind the objects in your life through their website and mobile application.

provides developers with innovative, high-quality prefab modular housing systems for projects ranging from individual detached ADUs to low-rise and mid-rise multifamily developments. With a streamlined permitting and installation process, their goal is to make development as efficient and affordable as possible so more people can build new housing faster.

utilizes digital avatars powered by a unique fusion of human and artificial intelligence, enabling them to build strong relationships with complex patients, coach risk-mitigating behaviors and help coordinate care. 

provides effortless, in-home monitoring solutions for patients, specifically designed for the elderly, with chronic diseases. The Heart Seat™ is Casana's first product and is currently pursuing FDA clearance.

is a mobile VR platform to manage chronic pain. Leave pain, anxiety and troubled sleep behind. Flowly guides you through experiences where you create your own world of comfort, safety and relaxation.

expands game night with instantly downloadable games that offer new experiences, including classic favorites, and enhanced gameplay with interactive physical game pieces. Gameboard breaks the isolation barrier and lets you connect and play with friends and loved ones across the world through any device. 

Satellite Displays
created Badger, the world’s first closed captioning smart badge to convert speech to text in real time. Badger also translates speech to 50+ languages. Whether you are deaf, have hearing loss, speak a different language or are wearing a mask, Badger can help. 


How Does AARP Innovation Labs Work with Startups? 

Startups who are invited into one of our 8-week cohorts can expect hands-on mentorship and community with like-minded founders with products serving consumers who are 50+. Each startup in the program is assigned a dedicated advisor who works with them to tackle the specific challenges they are facing. 

Surrounded by a team with years of experience building and creating solutions for the 50+ demographic, startups gain rapid insight into the market and can tap into a breadth of resources like consumer insight tools, subject matter expertise, unique cohort-only events, business case development and more — all customized to meet the startup’s goals and help them succeed. 

After successfully completing the program, startups have a chance to be invited to join AARP’s AgeTech Collaborative™. 

For more information on how we work with startups, please visit our website. 

UPDATE: Each of these companies showcased their products and services at our recent Demo Day. Check out the video at our Resources page for a closer look.