A Look Back at Our #SpotlightOn

By Marco DiGirolomo posted 11-02-2023 04:25 PM


Since launching our “Spotlight On” series of blog posts nearly two years ago, we've highlighted 80 AgeTech Collaborative participants and their remarkable work, with 48 of them covered in 2023 alone. As we approach the year's end, we invite you to revisit all the impressive companies we’ve talked to in #SpotlightOn features.. For a sampling of highlights from this year, take a look below!


Smartypans - Using patented technology and a proprietary cooking pan brings nutrition transparency to the kitchen while making cooking interactive, social and healthy, all without requiring home cooks to unnecessarily restrict what they cook. 

Amicus Brain - A digital health platform that leverages the power of AI technology to reimagine care management for people living with neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia. 


Intuition Robotics - The company’s award-winning product, ElliQ®, is a proactive care companion for older adults that helps keep people healthy, engaged and informed, while alleviating the effects of loneliness and social isolation.  

Accenture - A leading global professional services company that helps organizations across the world build their digital core, optimize their operations, accelerate revenue growth and enhance citizen services — creating tangible value at speed and scale. Accenture’s purpose and focus in the Collaborative, is to collaborate with others who are united in a shared purpose to solve complex problems and meet unmet human needs together to deliver greater value.


Lighthouse Guild - Is on a mission to inspire people who are visually impaired to attain their goals by providing a wide range of innovative services, including coordinated care for eye health, vision rehabilitation, technology and behavioral health, and much more.

HiHelloSura - A consultancy service that teaches and trains clients, including some AgeTech Collaborative™ participants, how to leverage creative thinking to solve thorny problems, big and small. 

For a complete list of the AgeTech Collaborative participants including VCs, business services we’ve spotlighted take a look here