What to Expect: AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP® at CES 2024

By David Lange posted 01-03-2024 10:52 AM


CES 2024 is just around the corner and the AgeTech Collaborative from AARP® is gearing up for our biggest showing yet. Meet us at Booths #53623 and #54223 to explore over 12,000 sq. ft. of AgeTech innovations and daily programming. Read on to discover the experiences our booth will host, the startups we’re bringing, and the exciting events we’ll be hosting!


Our CES 2024 Startups 

Artifcts is a patented mobile and web-based platform that lets you preserve memories, share stories, and build legacy, one object at a time. It’s fun, easy to use, and fully exportable to insurance and estate plans. 

De Oro Devices makes NexStride: a mobility aid to keep people walking safely, retaining independence and confidence. NexStride uses research-backed sensory cues in a small portable device that attaches to any cane, walker, or walking pole to prevent falls and improve mobility. 

Lotuswearable ring controls objects at home by pointing. Unlike Alexa – no apps, no rewiring, no internet needed. 

LUCID Therapeutics develops digital therapeutics for mental health and wellness using AI-driven music therapy. Their new product Resonance Rx uses personalized music to reduce anxiety and agitation for aging populations. 

MindMics is next-gen health monitoring software using sound-based tech through earbuds. By repurposing existing microphones, their platform accurately monitors health. 

Prisidio offers a digital vault to capture and securely share your most important information with the key people in your life. The company’s mission is to provide people with peace of mind knowing that they’re prepared for whatever life brings their way – both the expected (like a move) and the unexpected (like a hurricane or illness). 

RAZ Mobility© develops and sells assistive technology, including the RAZ Memory Cell Phone, a mobile device designed for seniors with cognitive decline. 

Sana Health provides anxiety relief on demand – via an audio-visual neuromodulation wearable. The company produces an FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for Fibromyalgia, and is seeking approval for Neuropathic Pain, and PTSD. 

Tembo.Health makes healthcare effortless for patients with complex chronic conditions, providing passive remote patient monitoring, care management and coordination, and 24/7 virtual emergency care. 

Tuned improves people’s hearing quality by combining advanced AI and a smart hearing aid to introduce an easy-to-use and affordable hearing care solution for an automated and personalized hearing care experience. 

Voiceitt has built speech recognition technology for non-standard speech, enabling people with speech disabilities to communicate and be understood by voice, and to access and interact with mainstream voice AI technologies. 

Wesper delivers a powerful sleep management platform built to address sleep conditions from testing through ongoing care. 

WheelPad L3C respectfully and supportively provides transitional housing for Veterans, those who have experienced a spinal cord injury, those with debilitating illnesses such as ALS or MS, those who want to age in place, and others newly needing accessible living accommodations in a socially conscious and environmentally friendly way. 

Xander is an empathetic company of audio experts on a mission to help people with hearing loss better understand sounds and speech. They leverage the sense of sight to augment sound and bring people together. 

XRHealth provides virtual clinics to empower patients to receive care anytime, anywhere, provided by licensed therapists using XR technology. For providers, XRHealth integrates immersive VR/AR technology with advanced data analytics on one platform, providing a comprehensive care solution for patients through the continuum of care. 

Zoog reinvented family communication. Through visual communication, they build meaningful and personal interactions that allow grandparents to connect with the children in their lives in meaningful and engaging ways. Zoog uses cutting- edge AR technology and advanced animation to bring the storyteller’s creations to life in just a click of a button, making the Zoog experience approachable, entertaining, educational, and accessible to all. 


AgeTech Collaborative from AARP CES Booth Experiences 

The Samsung Health House is collaborative showcase featuring an additional 10 startup companies from the AgeTech Collaborative™, among AARP®’s portfolio of 120+ AgeTech solutions. Samsung Health provides enabling technology and solutions for AgeTech startups that demonstrate the power of its ecosystem to deliver connected and sustainable healthcare experiences centered on aging at home. Explore the different rooms to discover how to outfit a home for better living as we age.  

The MIT AgeLab Empathy Lounge will feature AGNES, a suit designed to have you reach, grab, see, and walk with similar sensations as older adults; you’ll be inspired to build better AgeTech solutions for your future self and for millions of aging customers. 

Proto's Spatial Computing platform is transforming communication and revolutionizing telehealth for older adults. You can see it live on the booth stage with Howie Mandel beaming in on Wednesday, Jan 10 at 10 AM in Holograms for Care and Companionship. Stop by and get a selfie with Howie!

Freestyle+ works to bring mental fitness to the world through active mindfulness approaches based in improvisation and musicality. The cast will be hosting a few events throughout the week featuring members of the Tony Award winning Broadway show Freestyle Love Supreme, to explore how using applied improv and music can increase confidence, creativity, and connection. 
Click here to learn more about our Booth Experiences 


AgeTech Collaborative from AARP CES Signature Events 

The AgeTech After Dark Pitch Competition (Wednesday, January 10 @ 7-9pm) will see five participating startups with just three minutes each to pitch their solutions on brain health in front of a live panel of industry experts for a $10,000 prize. The Freestyle+ team will also be on hand to help you flex your mental muscles through the science of improvisation and musicality. 

The AgeTech Summit Sessions bring to CES some of the best parts of our upcoming 2024 AgeTech Summit. We have two different sessions lined up for you to explore hosted by award-winning journalist Guy Raz: 

  • Mic Drop! Unlock the Power of Your Mind with Freestyle Rap (Venetian Level 4, Marcello 4404 on Wednesday, January 10 @ 10:00-10:45am) Learn how improvisation and FlowZone, an app from Freestyle+, support mindfulness, creativity, cognitive health and the six pillars of brain health at all ages. Hear from actor and rapper Utkarsh Ambudkar, Freestyle+ Co-CEO and Founder Anthony Veneziale, and AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins as they explore the many factors influencing brain health as we age and the unexpected connections and products having an impact. 

  • Smart Aging: Life’s Better with Connected Technologies (Venetian Level 4, Marcello 4404 on Wednesday, January 10 @ 11:00-11:45am) From the home to the car to a walk around the block, AgeTech is driving the adoption of smart devices and scaling connections that are delivering better health outcomes and giving people more say in how they age. Join Dr. Hon Pak, Chief Global Medical Officer at Samsung Health, and Andy Miller, SVP of Innovation and Product Development at AARP’s AgeTech Collaborative, as they share an in-depth look at the state of smart devices and how the AgeTech market is driving growth.